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The result of the NY Comic Convention 2014 East Coast Cosplay Championship, REX gets the second place in game category but did not reach the total best 3. Although the result, I enjoyed every minutes of this contest and I am so grateful for my friend’s support especially my dearest cosplay buddy Shiori! (`-∀・)人(・◡・`)

by Ruby


These didnt fit on any other sets I posted  so here you go XD

Remember in MGS2 when you had to fight like 100 MG Rays at once and they kept doing that weird screech thing they do?

panacotta-fugo asked
I rly appreciate people who can admit a mistake, good on you, my most favoritest MGS blog c:

No Problem. I will make sure to be more observant next time.

Honesty always wins.

thespookymediumsoldier asked
i regret not making that original post clearer but i was referring to her and sorrow being married actually, not her and strangelove uvu

NONO its Perfectly OK. It’s MY FAULT for not reading the tags entirely.

I assumed it was a StrangeBoss post, which is definitely my fault.

I have been on tumblr for so long, StrangeBoss ships aren’t even rare,



Yes. Your destination is the other side. The bridge is wide enough for only one person to pass at a time. A man is approaching from the opposite side. He’s carrying a gun.


I shoot him.


Suppose he’s your husband?


…I shoot him.

yeah that’s

#why else would she say it after all #they were married apparently 

but, she was probably talking about The Sorrow. The Father of her Child. The Man she literally killed on the Wooden Bridge of Tselinoyarsk, 2 years before Snake Eater. His Body can be found at the bottom of the River in MGS3.


Also, she specifically says Him and Husband.

I mean, I get the StrageBoss ship, since Sorrow loving The Boss is definitely Canon, but I can’t help but make sure the facts are out there.

MY BAD. i am dumb. i did not read the tags entirely. JoySorrow OK

machobears asked
I am a mans manly man man. And I will admit to having.. several pictures of a questionable nature relating to Naked snake / Big boss. I just like him okay. It's not gay, shut up, you're gay. So what if I have 16 GB of pictures. It's not gay. You're gay.

Bro. Bro. Bro….


it’s research… I understand…